event algebra

алгебра событий

English-Russian dictionary of computer science. 2015.

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  • Conditional event algebra — A conditional event algebra (CEA) is an algebraic structure whose domain consists of logical objects described by statements of forms such as If A, then B, B, given A, and B, in case A. Unlike the standard Boolean algebra of events, a CEA allows… …   Wikipedia

  • Event (probability theory) — In probability theory, an event is a set of outcomes (a subset of the sample space) to which a probability is assigned. Typically, when the sample space is finite, any subset of the sample space is an event ( i . e . all elements of the power set …   Wikipedia

  • Algebra — This article is about the branch of mathematics. For other uses, see Algebra (disambiguation). Algebra is the branch of mathematics concerning the study of the rules of operations and relations, and the constructions and concepts arising from… …   Wikipedia

  • Algebra of Communicating Processes — The Algebra of Communicating Processes (ACP) is an algebraic approach to reasoning about concurrent systems. It is a member of the family of mathematical theories of concurrency known as process algebras or process calculi. ACP was initially… …   Wikipedia

  • Algebra of random variables — In the algebraic axiomatization of probability theory, the primary concept is not that of probability of an event, but rather that of a random variable. Probability distributions are determined by assigning an expectation to each random variable …   Wikipedia

  • Goodman-Nguyen-van Fraassen algebra — A Goodman Nguyen van Fraassen algebra is a type of conditional event algebra (CEA) that embeds the standard Boolean algebra of unconditional events in a larger algebra which is itself Boolean. The goal (as with all CEAs) is to equate the… …   Wikipedia

  • Boolean algebra (structure) — For an introduction to the subject, see Boolean algebra#Boolean algebras. For the elementary syntax and axiomatics of the subject, see Boolean algebra (logic). For an alternative presentation, see Boolean algebras canonically defined. In abstract …   Wikipedia

  • History of algebra — Elementary algebra is the branch of mathematics that deals with solving for the operands of arithmetic equations. Modern or abstract algebra has its origins as an abstraction of elementary algebra. Historians know that the earliest mathematical… …   Wikipedia

  • Quaternion algebra — In mathematics, a quaternion algebra over a field, F , is a particular kind of central simple algebra, A , over F , namely such an algebra that has dimension 4, and therefore becomes the 2 times;2 matrix algebra over some field extension of F ,… …   Wikipedia

  • List of basic algebra topics — For a more comprehensive list, see the List of algebra topics. Algebra is one of the main branches of mathematics, and concerns the study of structure, relation and quantity. It studies the effects of adding and multiplying numbers, variables,… …   Wikipedia

  • Elementary event — In probability theory, an elementary event or atomic event is a subset of a sample space that contains only one element. It is important to note that an elementary event is still a set containing an element of the sample space, not that element… …   Wikipedia


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